Meeting Mr. Originals

Shervin Mokri


Shervin Mokri


Recently I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with one of Calgary’s newest artist Shervin Mokri A.k.a  Mr. Originals.




Although I’ve known Shervin for years, I decided to call this entry Meeting Mr. Originals”  because getting to know

Shervin Mokri (The Person) & meeting Mr. Originals (The Artist ), feel like two different experiences.



It’s almost as if they’re different personalities, with Mr. Originals being the Guiding Consciousness

to a Wandering Soul, as they Channeling each other to survive.

With their Create-Or-Succumb philosophy, each piece of art is packed full of Color & Emotion,

giving you a glimpse into the Creators Mind.


If you’d like to see more of  Mr. Originals, check him out on
Facebook & Instrgram


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