My Love’s Like A Star

Today was kind of a weird day,

I was inspired in so many ways by so many different things but the thing is, even though there where all these different inspirations I still went completely blank when it came to putting them in words. SOooo I decided to share a song…. that I didn’t write ;P

Maybe you’ve heard it before, maybe you haven’t

Maybe You’ll Like It.

My loves like a star

                                                   You cant always see me

                                                                                  But you know that I’m always there.

    When you see one shining

                                                                    Take it as mine

                                                And remember I’m always near.

   If you see a comet

                                                    Baby I’m on it

                                                                                          Making my way back home.

 Just follow the glow

                                                 It wont be long

                                                                                      Just remember you’re not  alone.


                                                                – Demi Lovato

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